Free $50 of Meals from Territory Foods

Referral Link

Via Doctor of Credit, Territory Foods currently has a $50 referral promotion (both the referrer and the referee get a $50 credit).

Quick Summary

  • There are two portion sizes that cost either $10.95 (smaller) or $13.95 (larger).
  • Pickup (mostly at locations like gyms) is free, and shipping is $7.95, but only if you live within their delivery area. The referral credit can be used to pay for shipping.
  • This is a recurring weekly subscription unless you choose one-time order at checkout. Selecting one-time order increases the total cost of your order by around $2.

With all of that said, you should be able to create an order that is either free or just a few dollars. Remember to cancel your weekly subscription if you do not select the one-time order option at checkout.

$15 Free @ Target (Google Express) via Google Assistant / Home

Direct Link

To activate this promotion and receive your $15 credit:

Google Assistant: Say, “Spring into Target.”
Google Home: Say, “Hey Google, spring into Target.”

Google Assistant is preinstalled on many phones, but if it is not preinstalled on yours (i.e. because you have an iPhone), you can download it for free from your app store.

The $15 credit covers any items at Target than can be delivered to you via Google Express and expires April 21, 2018. Tax can be covered but not shipping, and shipping is either $4.99 or free if your order is $35 or more.

You can order via the Google Express app or via the website. Personally, I’ll be ordering $15 of items, paying the $4.99 shipping, and thinking of this as 67% off at Target.